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So here is a short “Once upon a time…” 


The project started when the two pilots, also aviation enthusiasts and plane builders, Bill and Jim got their eyes on a hydro foil on a website after a flight tour. They were quite surprised by the similarity of flight that glides through air and foil that cuts through the water.

Eureka! They decided it'll change the whole market if we could put auto power into this foil sport and make it accessible to everyone who would love to try foiling irrespective of the skills they possess. Also, Bill's daughter was hydrophobic, but he loved water sports, so this added to the mission of our project: to help people who dare not try water sports.


During the growth of this project we tested 50+ foil wings, 100+ propellers, tested batteries from 15 big factories, built 30+ board shapes and over 80+ engines...


We never thought building an efoil was such a mammoth task. Everything was in a midst until we finally decided to develop all the parts using our own designs from the board shapes to the foil aerodynamics, propeller redesigning, new engine and the molded parts.


Today we're proud to be among the great efoils with great function and top-notch quality powerful

ride slicing the glassy waters.

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